Insulated Glass with Internal Shutter

This is an effective solution that incorporates an air chamber between sheets of glass, with an internal blind, offering privacy and other benefits.

Insulated glass, also called double glass, is formed by the inclusion of an air or gas chamber between two or more sheets of glass, hermetically sealed. It can include internal blinds, providing privacy, maximum use of natural light, light control and reinforced thermal insulation. With a thickness of up to 55mm, including 20mm or 27mm louvers, its internal and external magnetic drive system guarantees flawless operation.

When applied in very cold places, it generates energy savings by helping to keep the environment warm. Furthermore, as they are protected inside the chamber, they are free from dust and humidity.

Benefits of Insulated Glass with Blinds

  • Reduction in heat transmission, since the air space between the glasses makes it difficult to spread;
  • Allows natural light to enter, at the same time as you can regulate the brightness of the environment;
  • In addition to controlling light, the blind between the panes also controls privacy;
  • As the shutters are protected inside the chamber, they are free from dust and humidity;
  • The glass used in this application is resistant and maintenance is simple.

Main Applications 

  • Hospitals;
  • Medical Clinics;
  • Residences.

Specifications Insulated Glass with Internal Shutter

PRODUCTIVE LIMITS – Insulation with Shutter
  • Minimum: 300 x 300 Maximum: 2400 x 3000
  • 20 and 27
  • 55mm
* Other dimensions and thicknesses upon request.

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