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  • 11,500 m² of high-performance laminated glass on the project's facade, promoting superior thermal and acoustic insulation

  • Contribution to AQUA-HQE certification through the efficient use of glass, ensuring sustainability and reducing energy consumption.

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More than 25 Years of Excellence and Innovation in the Glass Market

Check out our solid trajectory in the Brazilian glass market, providing innovative, high-quality solutions and personalized service for construction projects.

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PKO Privacy Glass® Polarized Glass

  • Versatile and applicable in various types of environments, PKO Privacy Glass® is a polarized glass that allows you to control privacy and the entry of light into environments. With a simple touch, you can transform the glass from translucent white to colorless, or vice versa, by turning on a switch, remote control, smartphone or even automation.

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PKO Thickness Calculator

Make it easy to determine the ideal glass thickness for your project

  • Unification of information from different standards;

  • All in one calculator;

  • Simplified and optimized calculations for you.

Discover when and how to use each type of glass

The standards were respected for all application conditions provided

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Project Portfolio

Discover great works with PKO glass

With an extensive portfolio that ranges from commercial and corporate works to residential and hospital projects, PKO stands out for its excellence in processing special glass, maintaining a high quality standard.

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Explore the Universe of Glass in Civil Construction

Visit our blog and stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in glass for construction. Learn about innovations, standards and personalized solutions to choose the ideal glass for your project.

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What our customers say

Discover how PKO stands out in delivering exceptional glass solutions to meet the most demanding expectations in the construction market.

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Tayara Secco

Construction Manager at Alumitre – Frame Trade

PKO is synonymous with trust and seriousness. They are always very helpful and this sets them apart from the competition. Only praise for the quality and agility, punctually meeting the demand. Credibility increases when matters are handled with care and it is notable that they always seek improvement. Today we are satisfied with our partnership and always recommend it.

Maurício Alves

Director of Alumigraph – São Paulo Special Frame System and Consulting

I am a high-end framing consultant and executor of special works. PKO is our partner, always providing technical and commercial support at the level of a renowned and respected company. Its products have an exclusive difference and meet all deadlines with excellence.

Danilo Santos

Igenov Manager – Facade Solutions

Our relationship with PKO has been very good and has brought us several benefits. We had the opportunity to receive training, presented by the PKO technical team, providing a lot of information and relevant material for our consultants. Furthermore, we have support and technical assistance when we have different projects. The service provided by the sales representative, Irani, is exceptional and the quality of the glass is remarkable.

Raphael Fuillarat

Director of CETE – Center for Glazing Studies and Technology.

My experience with PKO has always been incredible. I can only praise everyone involved, from the director, always present in our special projects, as well as the sales representative, Irani, who is friendly and very helpful. In short, it is a company that we can count on for everything and at all times. They are true partners and meet all our needs. I recommend!

Márcio Vianna

Mozak engineer

From the beginning of our partnership, it was clear that this company values the importance of meeting agreed deadlines. The ability to deliver projects on time is a differentiator, as it allows Mozak to plan its activities with confidence and efficiency. Furthermore, the dedication to maintaining clear and transparent communication throughout the process ensures that all parties involved are aligned and informed about the progress of the work.


Please read carefully before proceeding:

  • We only sell glass, we do not carry out installations;

  • We supply our products to framing companies and the civil construction segment;

  • We do not sell to end consumers.

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