Solar Control Glass

Reduces the entry of solar rays, ensuring thermal comfort and efficient control of light in environments.

Solar control glass is the result of the application of metallized layers on one of its surfaces, reducing the entry of solar rays and ensuring thermal comfort in environments, in addition to offering efficient light control.

Low-E Glass (High Performance Low Emission)

They are produced using the same principle as solar control glasses, but the materials used in the metallized layer guarantee better product performance.

They are more neutral compared to reflective solar control glasses, allowing integration with the external environment and greater entry of natural light, but with a greater ability to control heat entry. Low-e glass is recommended for locations that suffer from both cold weather and strong sunlight.

When insulated, their thermal insulation power is maximized, reducing temperature conductivity through the glass.

Benefits of Solar Control Glass 

  • Reduction in the use of electrical energy with air conditioning by controlling the amount of infrared rays that transmit heat radiated by the sun into the room through the glass;
  • Reflective solar control glasses guarantee privacy to the user during the day, without limiting contemplation of the external environment;
  • The reflection feature also helps control room brightness and glare, making better use of natural light with less use of curtains and reducing electricity costs for artificial lighting;
  • Excellent solution as a facade cladding using the glass skin or Glazing system, ensuring quick installation and low maintenance.
  • Versatility of application and can be laminated, insulated, monolithic or tempered;
  • Availability in different colors and can also be combined with colored PVB films when laminated.

Main Applications:

  • Facades;
  • Windows;
  • Doors;
  • Coverages.


  • 2200 x 3210 2400 x 3210 2540 x 3210 3210 x 6000*
  • 3*, 4, 6, 8*, and 10*
*On request.

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