PKO do Brasil

Environment preservation is a constant concern of PKO do Brasil throughout its production process. That is why, in line with the environmental management policy, the company takes all the measures available to ensure development of its processes with basis on sustainability.

Reduce waste, save energy, reuse water and correctly dispose of both solid and liquid waste are only some of the actions of PKO do Brasil within the environmental management policy.


All the water used in glass processing and cutting is conducted to the company’s own private water treatment plant. At that place, the residues resulting from the production process are separated and the water is treated for reuse in the company’s own premises. Because it is a 100% recyclable product, glass can be used in the composition of other materials, such as decoration items and facings, among others.


In addition to all the measures to fulfill environmental regulations within the company, PKO do Brasil owns a reforestation area next to one of its units. 900 seedlings of native plants were planted in an area with 1,000 square meters. This is another demonstration of respect that PKO do Brasil has for nature.


Additionally, the company promotes awareness campaigns on selective collection and on the waste of resources such as of water and power.