Solar Control Glass

Solar Control Glass

Solar control glass is a glass made with a special coating designed to reduce heat, this is done by the addition of a metal layer in the surface of the glass providing environment with greater thermal comfort and improved luminosity control.

Low-e Glasses

Low E glasses has the same principle as solar control glass, however, the materials used in the metal layer provide the product with greater performance.

They are more neutral in comparison with reflective solar control glasses, allowing for integration with the external environment and greater inflow of natural light, however, with a greater capacity to control heat inflow.

When insulated, its thermal insulation power is optimized, thus reducing thermal conductivity through the glass.

Habitat® Line

This product line contains intelligent glass aimed at use in small to medium-sized residential and commercial buildings, which provide environments with 30 to 70% heat protection, and also has glass with greater neutrality and reduced reflection.

All the glasses can be processed as laminated, tempered, or insulated and they can also be installed in a monolithic mode and even fixed with hardware. This results in the final product becoming versatile and cost-effective.

Available in the following versions:

  • Reflective: champagne, green and gray
  • Neutral: blue, green, and colorless

Want further information on the Habitat Line? Check here, on the website Habitat Line.

Sunguard Solar® Line

PKO do Brasil is also a certified processor of Guardian glass from the Sunguard Solar Line. Aimed at the commercial market, this line offers products for facades with excellent heat control and unique design, as glass solutions for architecture.

All types of glass can be processed with lamination, tempering, and insulation, and it can also be installed in a monolithic pattern and even-tempered, fixed with hardware.

Some of the products traded by PKO are:

  • Silver 32
  • Neutral 14
  • Royal Blue 20
  • Silver 20
  • Light Blue 52

For further information on the Sunguard Line. Check the website Sunguard Line.

Benefits of Solar control glass

  • Reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning use, because solar control glass greatly reduces the sun heat and infrared rays from entering the environment.
  • Reflective solar control glass ensures privacy to the user during the day without limiting the users’ external view within the environments.
  • The reflection feature also helps control the environment’s luminosity and glare by taking advantage of natural light, therefore removing the need for the use of curtains and artificial lighting fixtures.
  • Excellent solution as facade cladding with glass skin or glazing system, ensuring quick installation and low maintenance.
  • They can be used in laminated or insulated form, and some of the products can also be used in monolithic or tempered modes.
  • Available in the colors blue, green, bronze, gray, and silver, and can additionally be combined with colored PVB films when laminated.


  • Facades
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Roofs


Productive Limits
Dimensions(mm) Thicknesses (mm)
2200 x 3210
2400 x 3210
2540 x 3210*


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