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Intelligent Glass

Privacy Glass ®

Privacy Glass® Intelligent Glass

Intelligent glass Privacy Glass has a revolutionary technology that uses liquid crystal (LCD) in the process to produce the privacy glass, which turns opaque glass into clear glass, at the touch of a button. This permits the perfect balance between privacy and natural light view. Its technological features are recommended for a variety of environments including hospitals.

Benefits of Intelligent Glass

  • Allows for safe interaction with patients;
  • Dispenses the use of curtains and blinds;
  • Easily cleaned;
  • Reduces risk of infections;
  • Can be developed for both 110V and 220V voltages;
  • Allows for rational use of spaces, as well as for the creation of technological environments;
  • Upon projection, the glass provides a high-quality image due to its liquid crystal composition.
  • Can be customized based on the needs of the project
  • It can be applied at ICU partitions, surgical centers, isolation rooms, maternity wards, folding screens, and diagnostic centers.



PKO do Brasil makes Privacy Glass available in both clear and extra-clear glass, a differential that allows for the customer to choose the most appropriate solution to each project.

privacy glass


Productive Limits
Dimensions (mm) Thicknesses (mm)
Minimum: 350 x 350
Maximum: 1800 x 2800
10 ou 14

5-year warranty.

privacy glass