Multi-Laminated Glass

Multi-Laminated Glass

Multi-laminated glass goes through a processing system that combines many glass panes with PVB or SentryGlass® interlayers.

Benefits of Multi-Laminated Glass

  • When applied on facades it provides more security against vandalism, because of its resistance and difficulty of breakage it protects against attacks from stones, hammers, and axes.
  • Noise reduction without increasing the thickness of the glass.
  • Greater resistance to be used in projects that requires a higher safety standard such as floors or pool windows.
  • When applied with the anti-vandalism feature, its adherence to the compliance of the European norms, it can withstand up to 70 punches without opening gaps.
  • Increase in safety as multi-laminated glass ensures that if the glass is broken, the glass fragments remain firmly bonded together. This lowers the risk of injuries that are commonly caused by ordinary glass which often leaves sharp pieces of glass when shattered.
  • Increase in property security.

Applications of Multi-Laminated Anti-Vandalism Glass

  • Stores facades, condominiums and other public spaces that are vulnerable to vandalism and/or theft.
  • Underwater pool windows
  • Floors


Limites Produtivos
Dimensions (mm) Thicknesses (mm)
Minimum: 700 x 400
Maximum: 2540 x 3500
10 a 56 mm


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