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Lead Glass

Lead Glass

Lead glass Corning® Med-X® contains lead in its composition to block radiation from X-ray equipment used in medical diagnostic procedures.

Benefits of Lead Glass

  • Ensures occupational health of professionals, physicians and technicians
  • Transparency higher than 85%
  • Can be laminated, ensuring safety and integrity of the span in the event of incidents.

Applications of Lead Glass

  • Visors for radiological protection, X-Ray, tomography, and other radiological equipment;
  • Screens for medical diagnostic equipment;
  • Protection for visors in laboratories;
  • X-Ray detection screens in airports

Difference between lead glass and multi-laminated glass

Multi-crystal visor or multi-laminated glass does not contain lead in its composition, which may be perceived because of its greenish color. Therefore, it is not effective to block radiation and must not be used, according to NBR 61.331.

In addition to being much thicker and heavier, it does not block half as much radiation as a legitimate lead glass does, and its transparency is below 50%.

visor multicristal


Thickness 7 – 8.5mm 100 mm 40mm
Attenuation at 100 kVp 2.3 pB 1.07 pB 2.0 pB
Weight per m2 41 kg 175 kg 160 kg
Minimum transparency 80% (According to NBR) 85% 40% 85%
Attenuation for Minimum thickness 150% (According to NBR) 235% 14% 50%
Customized dimensions SIM SIM SIM

* The only product that fully meets NBR IEC 61331
* Immediate delivery


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