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Intelligent Glass

Privacy Glass ®

Intelligent Glass PrivacyGlass®

PKO Privacy Glass offers a revolutionary technology that uses liquid crystal (LCD) in the process to produce privacy glass (intelligent glass). This technology allows with a click of remote control to switch the glass from a transparent to an opaque state. This permits the perfect balance between privacy and natural light view. Its technological features are recommended for a variety of environments.

PKO Privacy Glass production is made through a process of lamination of two glass panes with an LCD film (liquid crystal display) with dispersed polymers. When voltage is applied, the molecules then line up in a specific direction, making the glass clear. This allows for the passage of light through the glass. When the device is turned off, the glass returns to its original condition, of translucent white.

Benefits of Privacy Glass

  • Can be developed to be used in both 110V and 220V voltages.
  • Allows for rational use of spaces, as well as for the creation of technological environments.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as high durability.
  • Upon projection, the glass allows for a higher quality of the projected image, because of its liquid crystal composition.
  • Customized for special projects.
  • Applications such as meeting rooms, partitions, bathrooms, restaurants, clinics, and hospitals


One aspect that differentiates PKO do Brasil is that we produce privacy glass in both clear and extra clear glass. This gives customers the flexibility to choose which glass type best suit individuals projects.

privacy glass


Productive Limits
Dimensions(mm) Thicknesses (mm)
Minimum: 350 x 350
Maximum: 1800 X 2800
10 ou 14


privacy glass