Flat Glass

Flat Glass

Flat glass, better known as standard glass, is the basic form of glass used in many types of glass production, among them laminated and tempered glass.

Flat glass can undergo all kinds of procedures such as cutting, edging, drilling, or even incision.

The domestic product is available in varieties of colors bronze, gray, green e colorless. We also import glass in the colors blue and smoked.

PKO do Brasil operates with the most advanced criteria of glass processing. The company relies on quality certifications that certify its effectiveness, such as ISO 9001, the Inmetro seal as well as the manufacturer’s approval to process glass.

Applications of Flat Glass

  • Windows
  • Doors

PKO do Brasil is also the authorized distributor of Extra-Thick Flat Glass of the Vivânce Line


Productive Limits
Dimensions (mm) Thicknesses (mm)
2200 x 3210
2400 x 3210
3210 x 4400
2540 x 3600*
De 2 a 10*
De 12 a 19*

* Other thicknesses and dimensions upon request


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