Extra-clear Glass

Extra-clear Glass

Extra-clear glass is the most recommended for those who seek greater transparency and light transmission than that of clear standard glass. Because it has less iron in its composition, it will not have a greenish tint, and remains crystal-clear.

Benefits of extra-clear glass

  • Provides its environment with a modern atmosphere, since it becomes much clearer.
  • Excellent for use in applications with exposed edge, since it has no interference in the green color of its composition.
  • When laminated with Colored PVB it provides the PVB color with greater fidelity.
  • Same resistance as that of standard glass with the same thickness.
  • May be laminated, tempered, insulated or receive any type of processing as that of standard glass.


  • Window displays
  • Museums
  • Frames
  • Railing
  • Table tops

PKO do Brasil is also the authorized distributor of Extra-Clear Glass of the Vivânce Line


Productive Limits
Dimensions(mm) Thicknesses (mm)
2200 x 3210
2400 x 3210
2540 x 3210
4 a 10

* Other dimensions and thicknesses upon request


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