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Acoustic glass

Acoustic glass

Acoustic glass is made up of two or more sheets of glass that when bounded together considerably reduces noise level. This is achieved by the way it is constructed with the use of double or more panes of laminated glass bonded together using clear PVB interlayers. The main feature for this type of glass is the ability to reduce vibration and noise, so fewer sound travels through the windows. Depending on the acoustic solution required, the glass panes can vary in thickness or the number of panes may be increased.

Benefits of the acoustic laminated LAMINAK

  • Thinner layer of glass with a greater ability of noise reduction
  • Greater compatibility with standard window frames
  • Offers the same safety benefits as that of laminated glass, such as: reduces the risk of accident, improves property security, blocks up to 99.6% of UV radiation
  • Greater acoustic reduction solution in comparison with other standard glass with the same thickness

Benefits of acoustic insulated CONFORTEC

  • Greater flexibility for its use in projects, as it allows different types of glass to be combined such as standard, laminated or tempered glass
  • Provides the highest level of noise reduction based on requirements
  • The application of different combinations of glass compositions allows greater acoustic performance aimed at tackling specific requirements based on what type of noise vibration is targeting to reduce
  • The use of argon gas in the chamber increases it performance


  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Airports
  • Night clubs
  • Churches
  • Shopping malls

Acoustic LAMINAK specifications

Productive limits – laminated glass LAMINAK
Dimensions(mm) Thicknesses (mm)

Minimum: 700 X 400
Maximum: 2400 X 4000

6 a 58

* 2540 x 4400 upon request

Acoustic CONFORTEC specifications

Productive limits – CONFORTEC insulated glass
Dimensions(mm) Thicknesses (mm)
Minimum: 300 X 350
Maximum: 2450 X 3500
12 a 56

* Other thicknesses upon request


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