Technical Support

The Glass Technical Specifications division helps civil construction professionals as to the best product to be used in a project, or furthermore offers full technical advisory on the properties of the products used, as well as on their performances in comparison with that of standard glass.

The customers also have guidance concerning calculation of glass thickness to a number of applications, in addition to guidance as to acoustic glass performance, as well as suggestions concerning the best modulation for waste reduction in cutting. PKO do Brasil’s team is prepared to meet all demands, whether they are simple or complex, and help civil construction professionals to score points in projects aimed at the Leed certification award.

Easy to purchase

To make it easy for our customers to purchase glass, PKO makes some suggestions.


PKO do Brasil is an approved distributor that offers the benefits of the BNDES card, making its entire product line available for the best cost-benefit ratio.

Created by the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social [“National Bank for Economic and Social Development”] (BNDES), the beneficiary card is a credit instrument created for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to finance their capital goods.

The advantages of having the BNDES card are:

  • Lower interest rates;
  • Credit limit to be stipulated at up to R$1 million per card;
  • Which amount can be paid in up to 48 installments.

Credit Card

If customers desire, they can purchase their items at PKO do Brasil and pay with their corporate credit card in up to three interest-free installments.

For further information, please, contact our sales team.